We are very active and try to get the most out of our days by going to drop-ins, playing in parks, enjoying splash pads, singing, reading, going to the library and learning new things every day.

A child's personality develops when they are engaged in activities that are interesting to them and make them curious.

"Play is the work of the child."

- Maria Montessori

Gwen, Rachael and Rory in High Park
Livia and her sister Frankie
Alex and Zack in Baird Park
Grayson in Lithuania park

How much free play is needed?

Toddlers & Preschoolers (ages 1 - 5) 5 - 8 hours of daily, active free play, preferably outdoors

Grade School Children (ages 5 - 13) At least 4 - 5 hours of physical activity and outdoor play daily

Dr Angela Hanskom "Balanced and Barefoot"

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity."

- Kay Redfield Jamison

Music Time

Music plays a powerful role in the lives of young children.

Music intelligence is as important as logical and emotional intelligence. This is because music has the ability to strengthen the connection between the body and brain to work together as a team.

So, please, there's no need to introduce screens to babies and toddlers.
Young children thrive on interaction with other kids and caring adults. Screens are generally just a distraction.

Reading Time

Reading to kids at least once a day is a great goal. Babies who are read to learn that reading is fun. Many libraries have toddler story times that kids enjoy. Children and I make regular trips to the library. It's our favourite place to go, and borrow a lot of books each time. A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.

Juliete in Annette Library
Zach in Brentwood Library

Free drop-in programs

Free drop-in programs offer children a place to learn, play, meet and make friends.

"An hour of play discovers more than a year of conversation."

- Plato

Summer Time

Summer is a great time to have fun and enjoy the beautiful parks in our neighbourhood. Spending time in nature can boost children's mood, help them relax and be less anxious. Although we live in a big city, it is important for children to experience nature from an early age and give them an opportunity to explore and discover what nature has to offer.

Alex enjoying splash pad in Baird Park
Zach visiting High Park zoo
Picnic in Lithuania park

“We didn’t realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun.”

- Winnie the Pooh