Note: References' contact information will be available upon request after the final interview.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing in regard to Mina, who I believe is the best choice to be your nanny.

I have known Mina for 3 years, during which time I have gotten to know her quite well. She was the full-time nanny for my son from the age of 6 months to 18 months. Mina has a gentle manner and she is full of love for young children. She demonstrated patience and intelligence, and brought much laughter into the house when she was with my son. She was always on time, and never called in sick. She showed a cheerful willingness to stay late when asked on occasion. Sensing our busy lives, she even volunteered for weekend work, though we did not take advantage of this often.

In addition to caring for our young son, Mina made sure the house was tidy when I returned from work. She was very helpful in this regard and I always knew the house would be in good order when I returned.

Mina left our employment early because of some family obligations back home. We were sorry to see her go and would gladly have continued her employment. While away, she was frequently in touch to ask how much son and newborn daughter were doing. She purchased little birthday presents for our son for years to come. She showed a genuine wish to continue in his life.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to elaborate on anything I have written here. I would be happy to discuss her excellent qualifications at length.



Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

We hired Mina to take care of our one-year-old Alex full-time and 3.5-year-old Zack part-time (he went to daycare 2 days a week). Mina worked for us from February-September 2016, after which Alex started daycare and Zack went to school.

I could not recommend Mina more, and frankly I wish she still worked for us since she made our lives so much easier. First, she was incredibly affectionate and caring towards our children. She took care of them like her own, and they both became very attached to her. We have neighbors who crossed paths with Mina and the kids at drop-in centers and they often commented on how great she was with them, and oftentimes people thought she was the grandmother.

Mina is completely self-sufficient in finding fun and fulfilling activities for the kids. She found and took them to drop in centers, libraries, parks, splash pads, etc. They spent months out and about. This was especially great for me since I worked from home during that time, so I could focus while the kids were out having a good time.

Mina is also completely reliable and was always on time and never missed a day. It was also very easy to communicate with her in person or by email, phone or text message. She is like a family member for us. We don’t have family in Toronto and having her nearby is so reassuring. She has helped us a number of times at the last minute to take care of one child when we had to take the other to the hospital, or for various other reasons.

If you hire Mina, your kids will be loved, have a great time, be safe, and you will be able to go about your day worry-free. My husband and I, as well as our kids, are big fans.

Please contact me anytime if you have any questions.


Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern,

Mina took care of our son Rory from 11 months until 17 months, while my husband and I worked full-time and I was finishing my PhD. From the first visit with her, Rory enjoyed being in her presence. I attribute this to her warm nature, ready smile, and fun personality.

Mina is completely trustworthy, genuine, and dependable. I’m so thankful that she came into our lives when I needed time to focus on and complete my dissertation. As a first-time mom, I felt so fortunate to have found someone whom we completely trusted to care for our son. When Rory was in Mina’s care I never worried. Our little guy was a late walker and communicator and Mina’s patience and encouragement helped him immensely as he’s progressed.

I highly recommend Mina for future childcare positions. She was the perfect nanny for Rory and remains a friend of our family.

Kind regards,


Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern,

Mina came into my life when I was pregnant with my third child.

Knowing I would need help with my two boys, it was really important for me to find someone to not just help with getting them changed, fed and safely walked to school, but someone that could give them some comfort during this major transition in our lives. Mina fulfilled all of these things and more for me.

She was employed with us for about two months and each day she arrived on time with a cheerful smile that all of us looked forward to. Mina had a magical way of making the most mundane tasks fun and easy. My boys, 3 and 5 at the time, took to her immediately. They are good kids, but needed to be kept in line like all kids do. Mina achieved this with a firm, but gentle approach, exactly what they needed and responded to.

Mina also helped me with my new born baby by making sure I had my needs taken care of as well. Morning coffee and groceries were tasks she often handled to ease my transition.

I always felt confident knowing that the boys were in her care. She was like a favorite aunt that you wanted to see more often. Always positives and always competent.

I highly recommend Mina for childcare. She is completely trustworthy, genuine and so lovely to have around. I feel very lucky to have found her for our family.



Letter of Recommendation

Dear Ms.

It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Mina.

I have known her for 12 years. We met through the mentor-ship program for professional immigrant women at the University of Toronto/ Status of Women Office where I worked at that time. Mina is an engineer from former Yugoslavia. We share the same background, and in conversation even discovered that we frequented same places and were acquainted with same people back home. Since then, we got to know each other really well.

Mina is smart, well-educated, open, friendly and highly dependable. She took care of my children (10 and 14 years old) and my home, when my husband and I had a family emergency and had to travel overseas. Therefore, I highly recommend Mina. She will take good care of your children and you can trust her absolutely.



Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it may concern

Mina has served as a occasionally nanny for my children during the past 4 years in different lapses of time. She is trustworthy and I feel blessed to have her around as we live in the same neighborhood and I could always count on her.

Any time that I have asked her help she is more than willing to come or pick up my son from school. We all feel like she is part of our family, in fact some neighbors think she is my relative as they can see she treats my kids like her own.

Mina is very kind, patient and loving person. She cares for my two children ages 7, and 2 and they love to have her babysit them. I highly recommend her for future employment.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

I believe Mina would be a wonderful nanny for your kids.